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Connect with Consumers
Locally .. everywhere..

Empower your connectivity to boost your business.

Exploit high quality data to drive effective communications.

What we do..

We combine the capabilities of todays digital technologies to connect businesses and communities.  

Our unique integrated platform prepares businesses for growth. We provide a fully managed service for our customers to exploit the combined capabilities of our integrated WiFi, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Smart Apps and eCommerce platform.    


Your Brand

WiFi is an essential part of your business. Welcome your visitors with your own brand. Portray a proffessional image and improve the experience you provide to your customers. We'll build your branded welcome page for you, to match your business.


Your Message

When visitors connect, exploit this opportunity to deliver your message. Prompt them to leave a review on tripadvisor, join your loyalty scheme, or consider buying from your ecommerce website. We make these possiblities simple and effective.


Your Connections

Visitors trust connections that are secure, and validated using their Social Media account. This makes accessing WiFi easy the next time they connect, and also enables your business to build new connections and gain followers.


Your Data

When visitors connect, they have an option to consent use of their data. Data collected on your router can be used to invite users back to your business. You can also build marketing campaigns with our integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. 

StreetCloud is for..

connectivity and communication to sustain and grow local business 

Small Businesses 

Connect and Coomunicate your Message

Simple, Secure, Straight forward Wifi that engages customers, builds a following and opens a channel for communication.  

Public Transport

Connectivity on the move

Mobile users expect Free Connectivity everywhere. Wifi in public transport opens new capabilities for new revenue  streams. 

Shopping Centres 

Connectivity to Increase Commerce

Connectivity for consumers leading to increased local interaction. Increased footfall and increased revenue through online trade.     

Places, Towns and Cities

Connectivity to join Communities

Inclusive Scalable Connectivity across the City where the entire business community collaborate to sustain the local economy.

Enabling Outcomes

to optimise interation with customers.

Small Independent Businesses

Connect, Collect, Communicate

Benefit from a fully automated experience that offers customers free wifi, intelligently captures consented data and communicates messages to bring them back over and over again.  

Local Transport

Connectivity in Cabs, Coaches and Cabins

Enable the local community using public transport bridge the connection to every local business on their journey, while providing a service to connect freely to the internet.

Shopping Precincts

Collaborate, Community, Commerce

Offer seamless Free Wifi across the mall, interact with local consumers, attract them to targeted advertisements from tenants and augment revenue via dedicated eCommerce.

Places, Towns and Cities

Collaborate, Community, Commerce

Promote collaboration among the business community to collectively interact with consumers across the town. Convert connectivity to connections to commerce while increasing footfall.

How it works..

 the basic setup process

How it works

simple steps to get you connected
  • 1. Place  Order 

    Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • 2. Build and Despatch

    We'll build and configure your router then send it out to you.  

  • 3. Plug 'n' Play

    When you receive your router, simply power up and plug into your internet source. Your customers are ready to connect. 

  • 4. Access Data

    We'll set up your account so you can access marketing data collected by your router.